From idea to prototype in 4 days

To launch new ideas you need to be fast. An entrepreneurial colleague called us with a new app idea. In just a few days Go Time HQ made that idea a reality. When you see your idea on the screen, it’s easy to see what works and what doesn’t. Then you move forward just as quickly. This is how you beat your competitors.


Day 1

Discovery call

Day 4

Designs delivered

Day 8

Designs revised

Day 12

Design new flow

Day 16


Payments on themed landing pages

This app lets creatives receive payments with no effort. It’s important to have themed landing pages to match the creator’s aesthetic.

Payments on any website

Many creatives will want to use their existing website but collect payments. This app can be embedded anywhere.

Get paid in just a few clicks

Becoming an independent creative is liberating. In reality the admin side prevents many from taking the leap. This app lets creatives ditch old, bloated payment structures with simplicity.

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