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Our design subscription can handle whatever you throw at us. See how one client has taken advantage of our model’s agility. Here you see a microsite (#1) to visualize the most recent risks across the globe.


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Microsite #1

Lead generator #1

Microsite #2

New product

Lead generator #2

Microsite #2

When you’re travelling, you want to know the most up-to-date travel restrictions and rules. This microsite conveys that information in beautiful way for customers.

Design system

This client was recently rebranded but the product didn’t get the same upgrade. We got to extend and improve the branding systematically across the product.

Product redesign

Here you see the product refresh in action. You’re looking at a specific country’s risk report. This product is robust and you can see many other important things related to current risks.

Support for the sales team

You can’t be shown this design but you can still hear the story. Sales needed an interactive prototype to wow a potential client. We created a magical experience for them.

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