Gym app design – Stay fit with just a few taps

Stay fit with just a few taps

You’re supposed to feel the pain AT the gym, not on your gym’s app! This whitelabel app is available for any gym to match their own branding. Gym members easily learn about classes and book.


Visual design

Mobile designs

Interactive prototype

Learn more about new classes

You might know exactly what you want. But maybe it’s time to try something new. Either way it’s not intimidating and easy to get started.

Try it for yourself

This prototype is tappable. Tap the load screen to get started. Then tap the calendar icons on the bottom. Tap the “What is…” card. Tap the “Cardio Smash” tab.

What are you waiting for? ✌

Getting started is risk-free. If it’s a good fit we can get started immediately. We’re here to help, even if we don’t work together.

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